wednesday april 21 2010

I made a new girl today:

I have a hard time deciding whether the boy and girl should look "normal", or as extreme as the rest. Decisions. Let's see if I'll be satisfied with this one, I do think she's slightly less the "good girl".

I was also thinking about what the world might look like as seen through the window of the flat...

...maybe like something like this?

It's hard to know when to stop. The whole world needs to be created sooner or later of course, but other projects and duties are also beckoning me. Decisions, decisions.

tuesday april 20 2010

I gave the tall one bigger wings and the little one a trident as one is mentioned in the script, but I think it looks a little stupid. Hmmm. Maybe it's the script that needs changing.

I've never been satisfied with the look of the leading lady.

It feels like I'm stuck in a mannerism that I can't shake and it's very annoying. I want some kind of androgynity to her look though not necessarily that she's cool, I don't want her to look like a "good girl" either and I want people to be able to identify with her and read stuff into her, so some kind of anonymity although I still want her to be particular...

I'm thinking of everything from the look of Patti Smith to Sofia Loren to myself to women in the street. My only conclusion is... that I might put her in a bathrobe again... that could help with the changes she'll be going through in the script.

monday april 19 2010

Today is a day for thought and considering:
What do I want? How should I do it?
Tomorrow is a day of delivery, when the work continues.

friday april 16 2010

Going over the script and re-formatting it some, a quickie before I shoot off.

thursday april 15 2010

Today I've written a short synopsis, project description, director's note and made a preliminary budget and sent it to the producer to get an opinion. That's the glory of not working alone.

I'm quite but not 100% happy with the design of the demons and the main characters. For instance I think the smaller demon could have a bigger beak and more of a hunch. What do you think about this?

New and old:

Which one do you think is the better?

wednesday april 14 2010

Today I finished off two demons. I discarded the owls and went for the plague, crows and ravens, inspired by pictures like these:

(The two images link to their original locations.)

Let's see if I'll be contented or not.
The main characters will get some finishing touches. The girls shirt is much too short and her thighs too skinny for instance.

tuesday april 13 2010

So this is the boy and the girl as they look right now (or should I say the man and the woman?).

Am I content with this?
Hm, I don't think I know yet.

I've been trying to make the boy look anonymous, like uncharted territory, and I do like his skinny legs. They are a bit Tintin:y.

Alright, commencing the work on the demons. A-one, a-two, a-

monday april 12 2010

Today I've been working on the designs for the main characters of the movie, the man and the woman. The pics are now ready for the scanner and some final cleaning up touches, a quick job.

The design of the two demons comes next. I was working on them a lot at the beginning, but even though I put a lot of thought and effort into them, I'm really not happy with the outcome. The idea to get inspired by owls I think is good, but the result looks like something made for another movie, and that being a movie that I don't want to make.

friday april 9 2010

New stars and houses.
I think this might look swell in change and motion.

thursday april 8 2010

Quickly preparing yesterdays' scans, before I'm off for work.

(And have a look at this, why don't you!)

wednesday april 7 2010

Working on the transformation from houses to stars, and cleaning up the sketches.

tuesday april 6 2010

Today, my birthday, I keep on working on my shooting stars.
I think I have a good star, it's the tail in itself that I need to get right.

friday april 2 2010

I've been working on the house becoming a star, uncertain if my work is successful. I still like my new house, but uncertain of the look of the star. Trickiness!

thursday april 1 2010

This is the display of a house becoming a shooting star that I was working on yesterday.
I don't much like the look of it. It looks too childrens' film, like I haven't separated myself from the original 2004 design:

The original design.

Today I drew this house. This too me is much mote interesting, and in tune with what I would like to achieve.

And I can think of interesting ways to turn this house into a star.