wednesday june 30 2010

Today my PDF introducing What Was Once was finally e-mailed away. It's in the midst of summer and holidays, so let's see if something will happen.

The PDF is in Swedish, but I post it here, in case of curiousity.

Don't be afraid to click to enlarge.

saturday june 26 2010

Editing my presentation, hopefully it should be ready for review any moment now.

tuesday june 22 2010

Finally working on my presentation that I'll show other producers to see if I can tempt them. I've been postponing it, unfortunately, but now it's happening.

thursday june 17 2010

I don't seem able to get the titles right. Godamnit.
This is what they looks like right now.

wednesday june 9 2010

So far, this is what the woman sees looking our her window:

I'm not entirely certain this is the final design, but for now it is.

On to the titles, so I can put together my informative little pamphlet to lure money people and producers alike into my sticky web of yarn.

tuesday june 8 2010

Drawing a new man and composing an image of him surrounded by the running buildings and shooting stars, looking back at the house with the woman and the demons. Not quite finished yet, and no full day.

So far it looks a bit crowded and messy... Hm.

monday june 7 2010

Drawing different elements for my presentation material. Not a full day.

friday june 4 2010

There has been a lot of silence about my producer simply because there has been a lot of silence from him. Now I've received a letter where he states that he has taken on too much work and will now go on holidays, that we can get in touch in the middle of July and then see where we're standing.

This leaves for decisions and possibilities. I have some thinking to do.

thursday june 3 2010

Drawing a little before work. No time to scan though

wednesday june 2 2010

Drawing on a new ground for the boy to stand on, but the weather is too good and I run off!