tuesday october 12 2010

These days, I'm not even trying to contact producers. Instead I'm thinking a lot about how I want to make movies in the future. How to make, produce and distribute them to turn them into something I would myself go to the cinema and watch. I'm not there yet, I need to plot and plan.

wednesday september 22 2010

I've contacted several producers but I don't get any replies. All I can do is find more producers, otherwise my little film is on the slow burner.

wednesday september 1 2010

I've contacted yet another producer but no answer so far, other than that she's received my e-mail. Things are slow!

thursday august 19 2010

I'm back! Kinda.

I've been wanting to make at least one more picture portraying how a running building becomes a shooting star. So that's one of the things that/what I've been doing today.

In the midst of this I start messing with colour again! When I thought black and white was a firm decision. Is it out of curiosity or am I looking to prolong this process?

I've e-mailed a producer since my return home from my holidays, with no reply. When I'm certain this picture is done, I'll e-mail again.

I hope you've had - well, are still having - a great summer!

thursday july 15 2010

I take a holiday break from What Was Once, both the film and the blog.
I will be back in August, as soon as I have some new developments to report. I will announce my return at EllaSkerries too.

Have a lovely summer!

friday july 9 2010

I've heard from the production companies I contacted. One is much too busy but loved the project, one wants to get back at the end of summer. Let's keep our fingers crossed and enjoy our summer.

wednesday june 30 2010

Today my PDF introducing What Was Once was finally e-mailed away. It's in the midst of summer and holidays, so let's see if something will happen.

The PDF is in Swedish, but I post it here, in case of curiousity.

Don't be afraid to click to enlarge.