wednesday march 31 2010

What the heroine looks like right now, the sketch and the clean up.
I'm nowhere near colour yet, I think a lot about it though.

Today I've been working on a display of the transformation from a running building into a shooting star. The pics are drawn, but the display is still not quite... there.

Worried about my reoccurring arm ache.
Maybe I should look into that?

tuesday march 30 2010

This is where I am right now.
The first pic sent to my producer.
My arms ache from fiddling too much.
It will be interesting to clarify the transformation from house to star.
And it feels important that I chose a 60's building.
The temptation of beautiful last turn of the century windows was big.
But no. This will be prettier.

I wish I were faster.

Now I just have to sit and doubt myself.
Is it too noisy? Too childish? Too --- ?
I go make the dishes.

friday march 26 2010

Today I've been working non stop on something that I thought was going to be fabulous. Now I'm oh so tired and realize... it's not.
It makes me so sad. I shouldn't be stressing myself out, but there is so much you want to try when you have this opportunity.

wednesday march 24 2010

Making one more earth. Now I must choose which one to go with.
I don't think this is the right one, possible the third.

tuesday march 23 2010

Two sets of sky and earth. Which one is the better one?
It's across these that the houses will start running and turn into shooting stars. Could be pretty, yes? Now I must run.

monday march 22 2010

Working on the ground - the earth - for this new little world that I try to create. Working working working, drawing thin, thin lines. I hope this is an effort that will pay off. Maybe the pattern later on can be used for something other, or as a start off for something other. Sometimes I have to stop because staring into all these lines makes me nauseous.

thursday march 18 2010

Working on my stars and commencing the design of the earth.
Finally I'm forced to quit. My arms hurt too much from non stop tedious work and are cramping. This is a bad sign.

wednesday march 17 2010

Working on the star glow - of my running houses becoming shooting stars - an entire day, getting completely caught up and overdoing it. Rejoice. I love losing myself in detailed pointless work. I'll have to reuse my glows in another project sometime to justify all the work I've put into it.

monday march 15 2010

Working on the facades of the running houses.
How do I best combine them with the shooting stars?
I must remember to draw the earth, so far I only have a sky...

friday march 12 2010

Working on the design of the running houses that are to become shooting stars. Trying out different ideas that don't seem to work very well. It's time to think again, I guess.

thursday march 11 2010

Drawing and tearing and scanning and printing and starting over again. Intense fun work and putting your ideas to the test. I wish all days were like this.

monday march 8 2010

Couldn't focus on my design, started composing my director's note: Why do I want to do this?

sunday march 7 2010

Reluctantly adding some finishing touches to the new idea.
Can I move forward from here?

friday march 5 2010

Reconsidering the design and going back to a previous idea.
Will it get better this time?

thursday march 4 2010

Tried drawing, cleaning up and colouring but all pointless - too ill.
Now I give up and go eat Lebanese.

wednesday march 3 2010

Drawing on my demons and googling medieval, Christian and Buddhist demons for inspiration. What do you get when you combine owls and demons? Considering colouring and getting stressed over everything taking so long and me being ill and tired.

monday march 1 2010

Today I started working on the new design of the two demons. Actually both demons have two designs, one for when they are still and one for when in action. It was good fun and I hope to continue soon...